23 December, 2015


Love story photoshoot in Paris - is always positive emotions for me, and especially if you have to photograph such a wonderful couple like Alexander and Natalia. Our photo shoot started near the Eiffel tower, it is an indispensable component of almost every shot and I understand why. Walking on the lawn and looking at this architectural structure, you can't take away their eyes. Everyone wants pictures with this beauty, opening at his house on the wall to looking at them, to remember the beautiful moments of your life. I help our clients. By the way, everyone not just advise and challenge you to definitely print photos! Know photos, stored on electronic media, very rarely visible, and if you have one hang on the wall, then looking at it you will always remember those wonderful moments that you gave to Paris. Well, back to Alexander and Natalia. Then we walked along the promenade along the Seine bridge Bir-Hakem. Then on our route was the Palais Royal, there is a small but very beautiful Park where you can sit quietly on the signature Parisian chair near the fountain, enjoying the beauty. Then we went to the Louvre, it is opposite the Palais Royal. The Louvre is another place that was on our list, walking through the square before the Palace you can enjoy the old architecture of the castle and the new glass pyramid, which is still some debate on the topic: need it there or not? The next item in our itinerary was the Notre Dame Cathedral. Going to it, we went to the New bridge, this is the first in Paris, the stone bridge that connected the left and right banks of the Seine, so we walked to Notre Dame. Being next to the Cathedral, feel the incredible emotions that overwhelm, and you just can't believe it is already more than 850 years. That was the route that the guys have chosen for our photoshoot in Paris.

Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko