11 August, 2016


This individual photosession in Paris for a charming, Anastasia, was held in mid-summer. We started with an unusual place for me, as I photographed there for the first time. Shopping Mall Printemps is located in Paris's 9th arrondissement, but we got there, as you know not for new-fangled brands, and for the magnificent views from the roof of the shopping center, and you can get there absolutely free. Upstairs, in front of us opened an amazing view on Paris and its attractions. It is very beautiful, on the roof there are benches where you can sit and enjoy the charming views, but you can go to a restaurant and taste these beauties with a glass of wine, but we didn't come here for this, so I set to work. After the photoshoot on the roof we went to the place Vendôme, where at that time held an exposition in the form of a wheat field, right in front of the hotel Ritz. In this area often hold this kind of exhibition. And we decided to walk and take pictures in a wheat field, it's not often you see this but still in the centre of Paris. Then we went to walk through the streets and reached one of the main streets of Paris – Rivoli, this straight street connects the place de La Bastille and place de La Concorde, and there are a lot of shops. Here we ended our individual photoshoot in Paris.

Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko