27 September, 2016


Usually I do the photoshoot in Paris for couples who come to this city to enjoy its beauty and grandeur, to plunge into this unique atmosphere. But also, I love to do and individual shooting in Paris, especially if you remove to have such a beautiful girl like Anastasia. This autumn photoshoot we started at the Trocadero, as all want to have at least a few pictures with the most important landmark of France - Eiffel tower. After we finished with first places we went in no less beautiful and fascinating place - in the Louvre, which, like the tower is one of the most iconic places in Paris. The view from the square before the Palace, is wild, age-old elements of the facade and architecture are fascinating. After the Louvre we went to a nice cafe to do a few frames at a table outside on the Playground. While in Paris, be sure to pamper yourself with a French Breakfast: a Cup of cafe, eat hot croissant, read the newspaper. Do not deny yourself this pleasure. After the café, we with Anastasia went to the Palais Royal. I really like this place, especially the old gallery, there is beautiful light and you can make original pictures. Such was this individual photoshoot in Paris for an amazing Anastasia.

Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko