27 October, 2015

Family wedding shooting

Not quite ordinary shooting I was lucky enough to spend this fall. This photoshoot in Paris can be called family, and wedding at the same time. Typically, wedding photos featured two beautifully dressed characters – the bride and groom. The family photos, the number of main characters grow, they have at least 3. Now, on these family and wedding shoots there: gallant groom-father, the bride gorgeous mother and adorable little guest make herself the son. Another example of what's better late than never. Because marriage is such an important event in the life of every person can be sad when your children and grandchildren will require you have these wedding photos, and you will not appear. Then you will realize that holiday that was not, your, most important, where you are the heroes of the occasion and the main characters. And if that happens, so in 60 years, I think you still need to run for a suit, a white dress, a delicious wedding cake, name of children, grandchildren, me - photographer in Paris and to write an unforgettable fun.


Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko.