25 October, 2016


Photoshoot in Paris are usually held in tourist areas, and I understand its clients who want to capture the most beautiful locations in this amazing city, but for me as a photographer you always want to discover new horizons, and I'm very happy when customers agree to a photoshoot in a little-known, but no less beautiful areas of Paris, which, in fact, very much. And then, one autumn day, held just such a photo, which I want to share with you. The girl who booked a photo session in the style of fashion named Margo. Shooting started in a non-standard location of Paris, namely the skate Park, which is right next to Bercy - the building of the Ministry of Finance of France. Since it was the morning of the day – the Park was empty and we could easily climb on slides, use interesting camera angles to be photographed on the background of graffiti and all kinds of ramps for riding skateboards. Then we went in search of new locations and came to the bridge Simone de Beauvoir, which connects the two banks of the Seine. The bridge offers a beautiful view of the new sprawling areas of the city with its high-rise buildings. I take pictures on this bridge, we went to the library françois Mitterrand, where he stumbled upon a large wooden staircase. Making there are several interesting shots, our attention was drawn to the bridge Bercy where were great light that allowed us to make some pictures. The only thing that could work is the curiosity of people passing by who stopped and took pictures on phones delightful Margo, but it did not become a hindrance in the pursuit of the beautiful shots that in the end we got. This photoshoot showed that Paris still full of beautiful and unexplored places that we just have to discover, so let's do it together!

Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko