31 May, 2017


It is always especially pleasant to work with clients who are serious about photo shoots in Paris. Today I want to share with you pictures from this kind of shooting, where the client approached the process as something special. Natalie dreamed and wanted for a long time to make a reality of the famous image of Audrey Hepburn from the classics of world cinema. So, this time we have "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

It will not be new, but we started at the Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel), who does not want photos against its background, and even in a chic dress. It was decided to leave the image of Audrey for dessert. Since the shooting fell on the period of the May holidays, it was already full of tourists at 9 am in the Trocadero square (place Trocadero), but for such cases I have several techniques in order to get as few people as possible into the shot. This time I offered Natalie to sit on the parapet. Usually I do not do such maneuvers, because the police do not allow, and probably do the right thing, because in pursuit of beautiful photos you can stumble and fall down, but I have everything under control. The result was excellent.

Then, changing the image, with Natalja we wentto the bridge of Alexander III. At the bridge we descended to the bund of the Seine River, wherefrom opens a wonderful view of the bridge with its beautifully decorated lanterns. And now, finally, it was time for the image, which I was waiting impatiently myself. There are not so many places for dressing in Paris, usually it is a toilet in a cafe or just in the street. But this time it was necessary to have a large mirror and we used the public pay toilet.

Natalie began to conquer Paris by her beautiful image from the Place de la Concorde, therefrom an incredible view to the Champs-Elysées and the Triumphal Arch (Arc de Triomphe) opens. Further, we went to the Vendôme square, where one of the Tiffany & Co stores is located, as you understand, we could not do without it, otherwise, the main idea of ​​shooting would simply be obliterated. On the way to Tiffany, we made excellent shots near the Chanel store and finally opened, after a lengthy renovation, the Ritz hotel. Approaching the Tiffany store, we began to create beauty and embody the shots from the film.
Everything was filled with the process: the wind abated, the passersby politely walked around us, and the guards - the most important pests of filming - hid at the corners so as not to disturb our creativity. Such was this individual photo shoot in Paris in the style of cinema.

Your photographer in Paris, Dmitry Finko.