23 November, 2016

Pierre & Natalia

Though the wedding season is behind us, I still have something to share with you. Give the wonderful photos from the September wedding of Pierre and Natalie, which was full of pleasant surprises. So, the first surprise: the ceremony held in the French city of Lunéville, in which I not only never was, but not even heard of it, and the town was surprisingly cozy and beautiful. As expected, it all began with gathering of the bride, which took place in the house of the groom's parents, the parents turned out to be very nice people, but still with a great sense of humor and very welcoming, which is not typical of the French. Further, perhaps the biggest surprise, which I received prior to painting in the city hall. Well, it turned out that the French suitor Pierre, is able to perfectly speak Russian, as once studied in St. Petersburg. Hearing this, I of course gasped with relief, because French is not my strong point. After the wedding ceremony we continued shooting in Luneville Palace, which was built in the 18th century, includes Park complex and is considered a monument of historical importance. What can I say? Impressive Palace with impressive dimensions. Well, after the shooting, as is customary at weddings, everyone went on their legitimate party. That was the birth of yet another Franco-Russian family. 

Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko.