28 March, 2018

Sergii & Mariya

Meet Sergii and Maria, a beautiful young couple that created their strong love alliance in the early summer, when the capital of France begins to play with warm gold colors. The guys told me that they’ve always dreamt of celebrating the most romantic event in their life by organizing a memorable wedding photo session in Paris. And, of course, as an experienced photographer in Paris, I tried to do my best to fulfill this sweet dream of the newlyweds.


We met in the morning near the Glass Pyramid at the Louvre in the courtyard of Napoleon. This place was chosen because of the suddenly started rain, and the Louvre Pyramid creates an incredible effect on photos taken during rainy weather due to its cold lighting and crystal clear glass. This pyramid’s feature allowed me to smooth out the rain stains and brighten the photo shots with a warm color scheme. As a result, Sergii and Maria looked very organically in this scene, and the created background picture just emphasized their romantic image. We took a series of photos near the Louvre from different angles in order to diversify this wedding photo session with a velvet greenery of the park, paved road and other interesting architectural elements.

Then we went to the main square of Paris — Palais Royal, famous for its magnificent historic castle, the plaza of astounding size and a fragrant park. The high colonnades of the palace gave the image a sense of the boundlessness. It seemed that the force of gravity would cease to function here, and our heroes would be about to take off. What a stunning effect! After discovering each corner of the castle, we went to the central plaza and took an advantage of the rainy weather once again. The gently pink dress of Mariya and the elegant gray suit of Sergii perfectly matched the whole style of Palais Royal. The lovers were swirling in a wonderful dance of rain when I captured the brightest moments of this scene.

During this wedding photo session in Paris, Mariya mentioned that she is a connoisseur of vintage things, so I didn’t hesitate to bring the guys to the Galerie Vivienne, famous for its openwork, weightless roof, a grand spiral staircase, stained-glass windows, and mosaic floors. In the walls of this new passage in the neoclassicism style, we managed to portray the beauty of modern love. Mariya and Sergii allegedly came back to two centuries ago when this shopping center was built and filled the space with their life-giving tenderness and passion. For a moment it seemed to me that their feelings aroused the spirit of the fashion of the XIX century!


Such a dynamic and exciting wedding photo session showed us that Paris is beautiful at any time of the year, in all weathers, and even the rain doesn’t diminish its beauty. That’s especially true when you're a photographer in France who knows which locations serve perfectly for any weather conditions.


At the end of our meeting, Sergii and Mariya shared their impressions, said that they felt themselves in Paris at home, and it's not surprising because this city is created for them!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.