9 June, 2015

She said Yes! ))

We all know that every self-respecting man should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. All this is undoubtedly very important, but before you start building and educational work, the Foundation would be good to lay a little bit of romance. Every self-respecting woman her, and every self-respecting man should do the proposal in Paris. To some this gesture may seem old fashioned, but it's a classic, and classics never dies and trust me and my camera, of disappointment, we have failed to capture. We did photo shoot along the picturesque parks and streets of Paris, and then somewhere on the bridge or in a cozy square under the close supervision of the Eiffel tower, quite unexpectedly, as in a fairy tale, there will be a violinist, You'll get out of the pocket a wedding ring, She'll say Yes cherished, and I, in turn, how the photographer will capture the most vivid and heartfelt emotions.

Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko