13 June, 2015


Well finally here is another photo that shows and proves once again that Paris is not only Eiffel tower, the Louvre and arc de Triomphe.
Give Your attention to the shooting of two charming ladies who managed to bring from Italy is not only a storm of positive emotions, but also the sun, in the form of yellow balloons. The photoshoot took place in the 4th arrondissement, one of the oldest parts of Paris. We started our walk from the square of the Hotel de Ville, to enjoy its fountains and magnificent architecture, then Arcole, crossed the bridge and walked around the Ile de La Cité which is the heart of Paris and its historical centre. Well, in the end, visited the island of Saint-Louis, where he washed our wonderful boardwalk with a Cup of aromatic cappuccino. 

​Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko.