I represent to your attention a report from the tour of the castles of the Loire.

Many French people believe that the valley Laura is the heart of French history. Some tourists love it here even more than in the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel Here, like jewels scattered castles, built over several centuries, and one day excursions to the castles of Loire from Paris you can visit some of them.

D'AMBOISE. From the height of the rock on which the building is located, offers stunning views of the Loire river and old streets. The castle was built by king Charles VIII and his wife Anne of Brittany. The building has always played an important role in the history of the French rulers, besides its strategic geographic location, at the time, made it a strategically inaccessible to enemies. Incidentally, in the chapel of the castle lie the remains of the famous artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

Chambord was built for king Francis I. the Roof of this majestic castle is comparable with fairy-tale palaces and, of course, most tourists will be amazed by the size of the buildings – the castle has over 400 rooms and over 350 fireplaces. In addition, the Chambord to this day, thanks to the innovation of architecture, considered a masterpiece of engineering. There are suggestions that the first draft was developed by Leonardo da Vinci. In our days around the castle stretches a vast forest – hunting reserve of the President.

CHENONCEAU. Considered one of the most original buildings of the Renaissance. The structure, like a bridge, is located on a tributary of the Loire, the cher river. It is worth noting that the famous Chenonceau castle as a Lady, due to the fact that his story connects the stories of famous women - Louise of Lorraine, Diane de Poitiers, Catherine de ' Medici and many others.
Distinguished by particular luxury, Chenonceau has contained a collection of paintings of famous French artists. In addition, the building houses a Museum with wax figures, which reconstructs the history of the castle, shifting his guests in an interesting journey through the eras.
Don't forget that the French cuisine is known for no less than architecture, so don't be lazy to get acquainted with her!


Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko