28 February, 2017

The guests from Cyprus

Today I want to share with you a winter photo shoot in Paris, which took place in February 2017. At this time we have welcomed guests from Sunny Cyprus. The couple arrived in their honeymoon, which I think they would remember with warm in hearts, despite the fact that it was February and it was pretty cool in Paris. But that day we were lucky and the sun was shining, which, though not much, but still warmed us by its rays.

So as it is dawning later in winter, we started shooting at 9 am, in summer it is usually full of tourists at this time and the light already becomes hard. Our walking started at the Trocadero square, near the Eiffel Tower. Guys decided not to spare themrselfs and having taken off the jackets absorbed in the shooting process. It was surprising for me, that they easily did that, although the sun was shining, but the air was cool, and considering that the couple was from warm country, it was a feat for them for which they went for good shots.

After we went to the Tuileries garden where we walked and enjoyed the beautiful views of the gardens and sculptures, which fortunately were not hidden from the weather. The photo shoot was continued in the Louvre, in the square where the glass pyramid is with its entrance to the Museum. Here was the endpoint of our wonderful photo shoot in Paris.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.