22 December, 2015

Tristan & Masha

Friends, I want to share with you this photoshoot love story in Paris.The couple name is Tristan and Mary. Shooting started on the island of St. Louis in Paris is perhaps the only one place left almost intact the charm of the city, so as in almost all other areas came globalization, and on this island still preserved the beauty of the streets with their unique architecture, it seems to me only here you can really imagine what was before Paris. Also, on the island there are shops and cafes selling the most delicious ice cream in Paris. Then the guys were poisoned to walk around the Marais, which is also worth to visit. Its marvelous small streets, you will discover a lot of interesting is one of the most old areas of Paris. The next destination was the island of the Сité, with its beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral, where we finished our photosession in Paris. However, you guys are so enthusiastic about the process that he decided to do the shoot at night when lit tower, and that was the main reason for the implementation of the night photosessions, because at night, the Eiffel tower gets a unique appearance with its beautiful illumination. We met on a bridge bir-Hakem where offers a magnificent view on the tower and all, at this time there are few tourists, unlike the Trocadero. Walking along the bridge, and making many wonderful shots, we finished our photo session in Paris on a beautiful note, watching the Eiffel tower twinkle at night, giving people unforgettable memories.

Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko