"What if suddenly the rain?"
 When booking a wedding shoot in Paris, just need to be ready for any surprises from the elements and the most important thing to remember: there is no bad weather. My clients often ask me: "What if suddenly the rain?" Answer, if it rains, we will still be photographed! Sometimes, such images are more saturated and colorful. This is direct proof of that. That day happened something unbelievable: first, the sun was shining, then the sky suddenly got covered with clouds and it began to rain, then blinding sun, followed by a squall of wind, with the wind, the rain, the rain the sun and so on throughout our creative process. While the weather was favorable, we made under the Paris sky, and when found bad weather, we sought shelter under the roof of Galerie Vivienne and the arches of French classicism Madeleine. In General, the elements we managed to overcome. So, Ilya and Valery and their wedding photoshoot in Paris.


Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko